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Ontario Film Authority



Consumers and industry clients can submit a complaint by completing the Service and Accessibility Customer Comments form or Inquiry, Comment or Complaint form.

Service and Accessibility Customer Comments Form

The OFA is committed to providing quality customer service. Let us know how we are doing in terms of meeting your needs or if you require assistance.

If you have a complaint about OFA’s services, you should first attempt to contact the Specialist (film classification, licensing or OFRB) relevant to your complaint. If the Specialist is unable to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, or if your concern does not relate to services provided by the Specialist, you are invited to contact the Executive Director/Registrar or submit a completed Service and Accessibility Customer Comments form (to comment on our courtesy, information and service/product provided, wait time for service, overall accessibility, etc.)

011-2016: Service and Accessibility Customer Comments

Written complaints received at the OFA, addressed to the attention of the Executive Director/Registrar, will be acknowledged by e-mail within two business days.

Complaints against the OFA based on dissatisfaction with the quality of its services will be reviewed by the Executive Director/Registrar and a written response will be provided to the complainant. The Executive Director/Registrar will review complaint trends to determine if changes to internal processes and procedures are required to address the source of complaints.

Inquiry, Comment or Complaint Form

The Inquiry, Comment or Complaint form can also be submitted for an inquiry, comment, concern or complaint about a specific film; rental, purchase or exhibition of a film; licensed film distributor, exhibitor or retailer; or for more information about film classification (movie ratings) in Ontario. If applicable, copies of relevant supporting documentation should be attached to the form.

Information provided by consumers is helpful to the Registrar in enforcing and administering the Film Classification Act, 2005 (“the Act”) and Ontario Regulation 452/05.

012-2016: Inquiry, Comment, or Complaint Form

Personal information gathered in the forms and in any subsequent submissions is collected pursuant to the Film Classification Act, 2005. The personal information provided will be used to investigate the matter and enable the OFA to respond to the inquiry or complaint. Information pertaining to complaints and inquiries is tracked for record keeping and statistical purposes.

Complaints Process

Initiating a Complaint

To file a complaint using the Inquiry, Comment or Complaint form, you will need to provide information about you (the person filing the complaint), name and contact information about the person or business you are filing a complaint about, a description of your complaint, and where applicable, indicate what you want the business to do to resolve the matter or the action you believe should be taken. Attach any documents that support your complaint, sign the form and return it to the OFA.

Investigating the Complaint

Upon receipt of a complaint, the OFA will acknowledge receipt of the complaint (within 2 business days) and review all the information and documentation received against the provisions under the Film Classification Act, 2005 and Ontario Regulation 452/05 to determine whether the OFA has the authority to deal with the matter. Further inquiries will be made to investigate and collect the facts. If relevant, the subject of the complaint will be notified of the complaint details and will be asked to respond to the allegations made in the complaint. The complainant may be informed of the details of the reply. Additional information may be requested to ascertain whether there has been a contravention of the legislation and where warranted, the Registrar may undertake the necessary compliance activities to initiate corrective measures.

Resolution of a Complaint

The OFA does not have the authority to settle a dispute, or to impose a settlement, and it does not have the authority or mandate to act as an arbitrator in any complaint matter.

Any administrative action that may be taken in relation to OFA’s enforcement of the Act and regulation is between the OFA and the licensee involved and is confidential. Where appropriate, the OFA may require the licensee to initiate corrective measures.

Inquiries and complaints are responded to in writing by the Executive Director/Registrar. There is no fixed time period for the complaints process as every complaint is unique and some complaints may require significant investigation and complaint volumes can vary. It is OFA’s intention to deal with all complaints in a timely and thorough manner. When the OFA receives a formal written complaint, it may be resolved in a few days, weeks or months depending on the nature of the complaint, complexity of the issue, the availability of information/documentation and the level of cooperation of those involved. Regular updates on the status of the response/resolution will be provided to the complainant on an ongoing basis, as required.