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How do I appeal the OFRB’s classification or approval decision?

The Film Classification Act, 2005 (FCA) provides a process for the submitter of a film to appeal the classification or approval decision related to a film. Similarly the FCA provides a process in which the Director appointed under the FCA can order a person who distributes or exhibits a film to submit the film for reconsideration of the classification or approval decision.

If a submittor is dissatisfied with the outcome of an initial classification or approval decision, comments concerning the decision can be forwarded to the OFRB. Generally the OFRB will provide the complainant with information regarding the classification process, the classification and content advisories issued for the film as well as the detailed observations made by the screening panel.

In addition, the complainant is advised of the process to bring forward a reconsideration complaint to the Ontario Film Authority. This includes that the complainant should forward to the Executive Director-Registrar under the FCA:

  • the date, time and location where the film was viewed;
  • the details of the film and the scenes that cause concern in as much detail as possible including specific scenes believed by the complainant to justify reconsideration, indicating exactly what the complainant observed during the exhibition;
  • the classification the complainant believes should have been given, and why;
  • any other information the complainant believes is relevant to the reconsideration determination.