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Fee Schedule

Minister’s Order under the FCA

Fees under the Film Classification Act, 2005, were set by Minister's Order when the Ontario government was responsible for administering the Act. The fees remain in effect unless changed by the OFA.


Effective July 1, 2019, the Ontario Film Authority is implementing a new set of administrative fees to continue to ensure that film content (feature films, trailers, home video or by documentation applications) is classified in a timely and efficient manner, even when it’s a rush request. OFA’s schedules and costs can be significantly impacted if films that are scheduled to be classified are cancelled without sufficient notice, don’t show up on time, run times are incorrect, or KDMs don’t work. The fees will allow the OFA to recover the costs of these delays, including the cost of rescheduling screenings, staff downtime and administrative costs. These fees would be in addition to standard per minute and/or certificate fees for film classification.

Click here for the schedule of new administrative fees.

All fees are payable to the Ontario Film Authority.