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Ontario Film Authority


Adult Sex Films

The Ontario Film Review Board screens all adult sex films in accordance with guidelines dealing with areas such as consent, physical abuse, coercion, humiliation, degradation, and so on. All adult sex films sold or rented in Ontario are required to be reviewed and approved by the OFRB.

Ontario Regulation 452/05 of the Film Classification Act, 2005 defines an adult sex film to be "a film that has, as its main object, the depiction of explicit sexual activity." The regulation requires all adult sex films, once approved by the OFRB, to be stickered with the classification and approval information.

Inspectors from the Ontario Film Authority periodically visit film retailers and distributors throughout the Province to ensure compliance with the Film Classification Act, 2005 and its Regulation.

The use of these stickers, which is endorsed by the industry, also helps to reduce piracy and prevent distributors from by-passing OFRB Board approval.